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This website is dedicated to recording the history of the South Shields Shipyard of John Readhead & Sons and their employees.

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Even though the shipyards and docks of South Tyneside played a huge part in the lives of so many local people, sadly, there isn't a museum dedicated to their history. The town of St. Ives in Cornwall has a very good Maritime Museum and they have a whole room dedicated to their local hero, Edward Hain and his shipping company. Many of his ships were built at Readheads and as a result there is more information about Readheads on display in St. Ives than in South Shields. Maybe it is time South Tyneside Council did something about this absence of local maritime history before it is too late ..... John Bage  - webmaster

The St. Ives Museum is located in the harbour area and the address is Wheal Dream, St. Ives, Cornwall, England.TR26 1PR      Telephone +44 01736 796005


      John Readhead   (1819 - 1894)



History of Readheads Shipyard
Readhead, Softley & Co. Ship List 1865 - 1872

John Readhead & Company Ship List 1872 - 1888

John Readhead & Sons Ship List 1888 - 1909
John Readhead & Sons Ship List 1909 - 1968
Readheads of South Shields - Brochure, 1953
Readheads of South Shields - Brochure, 1961, Index
Readheads of South Shields - Brochure, 1965, Index

Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd. (1st Jan. 1968 - 1st July 1977)

British Shipbuilders Ltd. (1977 - 1986)

Ship Photos 1

Ship Photos 2

Ship Photos 3

Ship Photos 4

Launch Photos 1

Launch Photos 2

Ship No 614 - Shahristan launch Photos 
Ship No 616 - Hudson Light launch Photos
Ship No 618 - Registan launch Photos
Ship No. 620 - Himmerland launch Photos
Tabaristan launch Photos
Amra launch Photos
Readheads People

The Technical Offices and what they did

The Head Office

The Engine Works

The West Docks
The Shipyard Trades

The Steel Trades

The Outfitting Trades

The Other Trades
The Apprentices
Miscellaneous Readhead's Photos
The 1917 & 1920 Royal Visits
The 1920 Royal Visit cont'd.
The 1943 Royal Visit
John Readhead Family Tree

Readheads Shipyard - Timeline

Readhead’s Customers 1

Readhead’s Customers 2

The Readhead Shipping Line

Local Memories & Comments
More Local Memories
The Last Ship - 'Hindustan'
Social & Sports Scene
The Seistan Disaster


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